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[sg_popup id=”3″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Welcome to our blog! The #HRCblog highlights and contextualizes inspiring human rights and strategic nonviolent activism. Along with our curated library of tools and resources you can find on our website, we work to foster a community of practice and engagement within the field of human rights struggles by:

  • highlighting best practices often absent in mainstream outlets
  • amplifying the voices of smaller, underexposed grassroots organizations and nonviolent movements, and
  • creating a space for dialogue and exchange about civic engagement and activism

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Activist Tools
Practical toolkits, including action guides produced by our very own Education & Communications team.

Resource Roundup
Comprehensive and research-based action guides, ideas and strategies — an absolute go-to resource for defenders and organizers that want to effectively mobilize their communities.

Human Rights Defenders Profiles
Compelling stories of the changemakers spearheading the world in defending human rights. HRC’s Blog represents the views of HRC associates, interns, and selected blog contributors, which takes no institutional positions.

Human Rights in the News
Thoughtful coverage of civil society, human rights and social movements from around the world.


We always welcome constructive feedback! Shoot us an e-mail at [email protected], follow us on social media and share your favorite resource with the HRC community!

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