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Brazil’s Progressive Labor Laws Under Attack

Tweet Recent labor reforms and austerity measures proposed by the Brazilian government ignited the biggest national strike in decades this week. The protests, which were the result of an inflammatory call to action put out by various labor unions and social movements, inspired thousands of Brazilians to take to the streets of Brasília and other Read More

The Official HRC Good Reads List

Tweet Looking to enhance your knowledge of civil resistance and human rights? Looking to be entertained and challenged in new ways? Look no further. Below is a list of ten books, films, and podcasts that will teach you about nonviolent resistance and the power of storytelling. If you have less than 10 minutes: Conflict resolution Read More

Indigenous People Power in Colombia

Tweet In December of 2016, the Colombian Congress officially ratified a renegotiated peace agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), bringing the armed conflict between the government and the nation’s largest guerrilla group to an end. The 52-year-long war caused the displacement of nearly 7 million individuals and lead to the deaths or Read More

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